I discovered I wanted to go into psychology when I decided to quit natural sciences and had enrolled in a technical degree, where I experienced several psychology courses. Upon graduating from this degree, I was employed in social services, as a child care worker in youth protection centers. Here is where I obtain all my field work experience that keeps me inspired for my research.

In my Ph.D I investigated questions related to the development of criminality through my work at the CRDH at Concordia University in the department of Psychology.

Other research interests include the application of evolutionary theory to developmental models, the biological basis of mental health disorders, the development of mental health disorders, and the development of risk behaviours. I am also interested in advanced statistical modelling including mediation based on counterfactuals.

I am currently conducting research related to built neighbourhood environments and the stress response system at the INRS-UCS in Montréal. My Supervisor is Dr. Carolyn Côté-Lussier .


  • Ph.D. in Psychology, 2020

    Concordia University

  • Graduate Certificate in University Teaching, 2019

  • BA in Psychology, 2014

    Concordia University

Featured Publications

Beyond educational attainment: The role of achievement and school absence in the development of criminal justice involvement.

Examining the role of academic abilities and attendance on educational attainment in the trajectory to criminal justice involvement.

Prevention of Criminal Offending: The Intervening and Protective Effects of Education for Aggressive Youth.

Education as a protective and intervening factor in the development of criminal offending for aggressive children.


Aggressive children: Preventing victimization of others in adulthood

Paper presentation examining protective effects of education



PSYC 354

PSYC 354-Evolutionary foundations of behaviour

PSYC 315

PSYC 315-Statistical Analysis 1